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[G] Character Advancement and Combo Quest

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1 [G] Character Advancement and Combo Quest on Wed Jul 02, 2008 2:29 am


Character Advancement

Basic character classes who have attained the required level have an option to change to their advanced classes. This advancement will change the character's title and would give him/her the ability to wear more powerful weapons, equipment and skills. This will also qualify them for the "Hero Status" quest offered by an NPC named Marlon in the fu ture.

Quest Process and Requirements

Class Advancement Trainer - Priestess Sevina

Basic Classes of Dark Knight, Dark Wizard and Fairy Elf must have reached at least 150 levels.
The character must talk to Priestess Sevina to activate the quest.
Priestess Sevina can be found in Devias.
The quest is divided into 2 parts and both must be accomplished to advance.
The first part of the Quest requires the character to pay 1 million zen and look for the Scroll of the Emperor.
the Scroll of the Emperor can be found by killing monsters in Lost Tower 1 and higher maps.
After finding the Scroll of the Emperor, the player must return the item to Priestess Sevina and accept the second part of the quest.
Priestess Sevina will award 10 stat points for returning the Scroll of the Emperor.
The second quest requires the character to pay Priestess Sevina 2 million zen and she will ask the character to retrieve an item (Broken Sword - Dark Knight, Soul of Wizard - Dark Wizard, Tear of Elf - Fairy Elf)
Items needed for the second quest can be found by killing monsters in Lost Tower 6.
After returning the item that the Priestess requested the quest will be completed.
Priestess Sevina will award 10 stat points for returning the item requested and will upgrade your class as follows:
Dark Knight -> Blade Knight
Dark Wizard -> Soul Master
Fairy Elf -> Muse Elf

Hero Status Quest - Marlon

Upon reaching 220 levels of an advanced class Marlon will allow characters to partake in the "Hero Status" Quest.
Marlon will give 1 quest for Soul Master and Muse Elf and will grant 2 quests for Blade Knight.
The first quest will require 2 million zen and for the characters to find the Ring of Glory.
The Ring of Glory can be found by killing monsters in the Tarkan/Icarus area.
Upon finding the Ring of Glory, the character must return to Marlon to complete the quest.
Marlon will award a retroactive 1 stat point per character level past 220.
e.g. a character level of 250 completing the quest will receive receive 49 additional stat points.
For Blade Knights, Marlon will offer an additional quest to learn the combo ability. He will ask you to find the Dark Stone.
Activating the quest will require the character to pay Marlon 3 million zen.
The Dark Stone can be found by killing monsters in the Tarkan/Icarus area.
Upon returning to Marlon with the Dark Stone, he will award the Blade Knight with the Combo Skill.

NOTE: You have to re-do the quest after you level reset

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